Friday, July 31, 2009

The Best and Most Useful Medical Apps for the iPhone or iPod Touch

We've been reviewing medical apps and providing news for a few weeks now and thought it would be a good idea to list some of our favorite apps. As you can see from our title, we're pretty excited about this post. These are the top medical apps we find the most useful for the hospital and for medical school. We've reviewed some of these apps on this website, but not all. Eventually we'll have a list of top medical apps for practicing clinicians and students, using our own backgrounds in each. Continue on to see our rankings of the 7 most useful medical apps-

7) Medical Radio (v 1.1), Free: This app is brought to you by ReachMD. We reviewed one of their earlier apps, ReachMD CME. We thought that app had promise, but didn't capitalize on it's full potential. Needless to say, Medical Radio definitely capitalizes on that potential. This app provides an easy way for you to get CME credit by listening to streaming CME education from legitimate health care professionals, and then taking quizzes right through your phone. Imagine getting CME credit while on a trail ride or in some waiting line.

6) Medical Spanish (v 1.2), $6.99: This is definitely the best medical spanish app out right now. What makes this app better than the rest is it's search function. There are hundreds of medically related phrases to choose from, all you have to do is search. The app helps you ask yes/no questions, allowing you to use this for basic questions even if you have no Spanish background. It's handy when you're waiting and waiting on a translator to get to your patient's room (sometimes a long, frustrating experience). Check out our full review.

5) Speed Muscles MD and Speed Bones MD, $2.99, $1.99: These two are great apps for people learning anatomy. They are definitely helpful for graduate level anatomy courses, even gross anatomy in med school. They won't replace your netter's flash cards, but will provide you with a fun way to study your musculoskeletal section of gross anatomy. Our full review is here: Speed Muscles , Speed Bones

4) MedCalc (v 1.2): A FREE medical calculator that is actually BETTER than all the paid medical calculators we tried. Provides all the key medical equations you need and has an all important search function so you can make quick calculations during morning rounds. Check out our full review.

3) Epocrates: What can we say about this app that you probably don't know? We do know there is a 99% chance you already have this app. Great for dosing, but the free version still leaves much to be desired. However, the full version has it all, but it's a bit pricey.

2) iMurmor (v 1.0), $0.99: This app shot to the top of the medical apps category in the App Store in it's first week of release. Probably the most innovate app from this list. Beautiful app for learning heart sounds. In our full review we said it's the best app we've reviewed on this site. We didn't put it at the top of the list because it's more of a study tool, and not something we use in the hospital as much. We are still shocked at how low the price is for this app, we would have easily paid at least 5 times the amount for it. Check out our full review.

1) Diagnosaurus (v. 1.3), $0.99: The most useful app ever invented for Morning Rounds. Great app for helping formulate a differential, especially when you're on the 29th hour of a 30 hour shift and you're still admitting patients. This app is not complex like some of the above apps, but it's simplicity and ease of use is why we love it. Check out our full review.


Anonymous said...

Just a comment about your comment about Diagnosaurus... when you're on the 29th hour of a 30 hour shift, you are not allowed to pick up new patients, only continue care of patients you already have established a relationship with. I'm pretty sure you're not allowed to see any new patients after the 24th hour. I'm just sayin', so hopefully you won't be doing any admits at hour 29.

Anonymous said...

eh, tell that to my medicine attendings, i've definitely done admits even past the 30th hour. by the way, medical spanish is great, very helpful in southern cal